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Minimum syllabus to learn Hibernate-ORM Tool

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1. Introduction
Enterprise Application
Data Persistency
Data Persistency through Serialization and Deserialization
Data Persistency through JDBC
Data Persistency through ORM
Hibernate History
Hibernate Features
Hibernate Architecture

2. Steps to prepare First Hibernate Application
Prepare Persistence Class or Object
Prepare Mapping File
Prepare Hibernate Configuration File
Prepare Client Application

3. Hibernate Applications with Eclipse
Installation Process:
Steps To Design Hibernate Applications in Eclipse IDE

4. Hibernate Applications
Example On Hibernate SaveOrUpdate(--) method
Example to delete records from DB
Example To retrieve Record from DB
HIBERNATE with My SQL Database
AWT/GUI-Hibernate Integration Application:
Struts_Hibernate Integration
Integration Of Hibernate with Struts

5. Hibernate Persistence Object Lifecycle
Transient State
Persistence State
Ditached State
Removed State

6. Hibernate Schema Generation Tools

7. Creating SessionFactory object in Hibernate4.x version
Create Configuration Object with all configuration details
Get all configuration details into Properties object
Creating StandardServiceRegistryBuilder
Get All configuration details from Properties object into StandardServiceRegistryBuilder object
Create StandardServiceRegistry object
Create SessionFactory object

8. Primary Key Generation Algorithms in Hibernate

9. Transaction Management

10. Connection Pooling in Hibernate
Connection Pooling in Hibernate
Default Connection Pooling Mech in Hibernate
Third Party Vendors provided Connection pooling Mechs
Connection Pooling through Application Servers

11. Bulk Operations
Prepare Hibernate Configuration File
Prepare Client Application

HQL [Hibernate Query Language]
Building Blocks for HQL queries
Native SQL
Criterion API

12. Hibernate Filters
Prepare a table in Database with the required columns, where we must define a filter parameter column
Define Filte in mapping File
Enable Filter in Session and set values to filter parameters inorder to filter the results

13. Hibernate Mappings
Basic OR Mapping.
Component Mapping
Inheritance Mapping
Association Mapping
Retrieving the data through annotation

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Very nice sir,It is very useful for every cs students so i think this topic learn should every cs students.