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Where to Start Coding - Competitive Programming

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People want to start coding but they do not know where they have to start coding. So today I am sharing my opinion and experience of coding.

Pre Requirments
Firstly we have to clear one thing that, to start the coding or competitive programming we should have the knowledge of atleast one programming language like C, C++, JAVA or Python, in which we can implement our programs.
Some Algorithm knowledge will be helpful for you, but not recommended at initial level, day by day you will be able to learn and implement the algorithms.

From where should I start ?
If you are here to learn that from where we have to start the coding, then my suggestion will be First you have to start with C programs by Saurabh Shukla sir. These programs will be available on www.mysirg.com Just go to this site and search for c practice programs, there you will find approx 200 programs and thier solutions are also given, but to learn that programming do not read or see the solution.
Write each and every program of C programs series. If at the end you are not able to do some programs then try once again, If not again then only you can see the solution.
Note that, these programs you have to complete within 20 days, It will be the challenging task for you, believe me, you can do it because I also done it.

What after C programs ?
After doing all the C programs of Saurach Shukla sir, at the same website (www.mysirg.com), you will find a section for programs of Data Structure. It will be some complicated but not too much, You have to make all the programs of this series also.
Once you completed these both task, now you able to start real competitive programming

Start Coding on Codeforces ?
After completing both above tasks you have to switch on Codeforces, Codeforces is a platform on which we can start our coding career. There are many platforms for start coding like Hackerrank, Hackerearth, and Codechef etc, but you have to go for Codeforces because here the level will increase slowly-slowly.
On Codeforces you have to search the easiest problems which are already solved by more coders. Just start the thinking and writing programs once you write the program for any problem then you have to submit your code to the Codeforces, It will predict any analyze your code that, It is wrong or write.
There may be a possibility that your code could not qualify all the test cases, but Do not give up, believe me, It is very easy.

Get Job with Coding
If you think that you have become a good coder, then you can get Job also with coding, to do that, you need to go on www.hackerearth.com. There are many companies which hire from this site to the coders, to get hired you need to appear in the Coding contest.
All the best your career.
If you have still any doubts or suggestions then please mention in the comment box, maybe it will be helpful for others also.

Thanks for reading the post.

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Alhafiz hasan

Very nice guiding about coding, I will follow it. Thanks you