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Happy Independence Day 2018 to All of you and your Family in Advance

This is to notify you that independent day has come now and we have to celebrate it with peace.

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Dynamic Table Creation in JDBC [Java Database Connectivity] with Oracle | Simple | Easy

JDBC or Java Database Connectivity is the connection between the Java Application and the Database, Database may be Oracle, MySQL or SQLServer etc. We can make the connection of Java Program with database very easily. Let up begin the programming

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Love Story of a 86 year Old Parsi Women : Even in death, he gave me strength

Now a day true love does not exist anywhere, It is available only in pages or books, then this news will be a surprise for you. In a Facebook story, an 86-year-old Parsi woman shared a post of her unbreakable love with her late husband. So this news is going to melt your heart.

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Virat Kohli Shares the Selfies with Strangers, People was Lucky

Virat Kohli has shared a selfie with some strangers. Those people were in the picture, they were sitting with a group of people behind the table of the Indian team.
The man who is Wearing a black T-shirt, the man is seen posing for the photograph in the background for the selfie.

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Dancing can be the reverse sign of aging in the human brain

As so far, Now we are going to be old, we may suffer from some mental and physical fitness problems.
In a new study, It has discovered that dancing can be the sign of reverse aging of the brain.
It means that the those, who are doing exercise regularly can have the reverse aging of the brain, and for this particular moment dancing is the best option for the aging problem in brain.
Excercise has its own benefits to give the fitnes to the peoples, or we can say for especially those, who are going to be old now.

views: 176 Comment: 0 25-Jun-2018

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Calculator Program in Angular JS | Simple | Easy

In this articles, we will learn a logical program in Angular JS, which Calculator operations program in Angular JS. Let us see the implementation part of this module.

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Creating Modules in Angular JS | Simple | Easy

The creating module in Angular Js is quite easy. Here we are going to discuss the creation of modules in Angular JS. The code is shown below.

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Prime Number Program in Angular JS

We know already that a prime number is a number which is not divisible by any number except 1 and itself. Today we will implement this program in Angular JS.
Below is the code for the program

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Where to Start Coding - Competitive Programming

People want to start coding but they do not know where they have to start coding. So today I am sharing my opinion and experience of coding.

views: 247 Comment: 1 13-Jun-2018

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Reduce the body fat in 30 days in easy way

As we all know body fat is so harmful to us, So as for how we can, we should reduce the fat. So here are some tips and techniques to reduce the fat in only 30 days.

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Techniques to remove Stomach Ache/Pain quickly

Stomach ache/pain for us is normal. So today we will learn some techniques to remove the Stomach pain.

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Best Institute to learn Java in Hyderabad | Durga Sir

The best Institute to learn the Java/Python/Frameworks etc. in Hyderabad is Durga Software Solution. There are some more Institute for learning the same in Hyderabad as well as in Bengaluru also.

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Top Most programming languages which have future in the programming world

We know already, programming languages are widely used in the current scenario in the programming world. Today we will discuss it in detail.

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How to download/Install the Eclipse IDE latest version for JAVA/All Other Development

Now from here, we are going to learn that how we can install the latest version of the Eclipse IDE for Java Development.

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How to create a Session Object / variable in PHP

Today we are going to learn that, how we can create a session object using PHP. To do this we must have knowledge of basics of PHP. See below diagram of code.

views: 120 Comment: 1 19-May-2018

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