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Happy Independence Day 2018 to All of you and your Family in Advance

This is to notify you that independent day has come now and we have to celebrate it with peace.

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Love Story of a 86 year Old Parsi Women : Even in death, he gave me strength

Now a day true love does not exist anywhere, It is available only in pages or books, then this news will be a surprise for you. In a Facebook story, an 86-year-old Parsi woman shared a post of her unbreakable love with her late husband. So this news is going to melt your heart.

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Virat Kohli Shares the Selfies with Strangers, People was Lucky

Virat Kohli has shared a selfie with some strangers. Those people were in the picture, they were sitting with a group of people behind the table of the Indian team.
The man who is Wearing a black T-shirt, the man is seen posing for the photograph in the background for the selfie.

views: 189 Comment: 0 27-Jun-2018

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